Yes — No — Dont-know

Yes — No — Dont-know


July 18, 2022

We are excited to announce that the popular board game named ‘Yes No Don’t-know’ will be played on our community channels — Discord and Telegram. The details are as follows:

🔸 Campaign: Yes No Don’t-know
🔸 Period: Starting from now, with random play times
🔸 Total Reward: 500–5000 Forward tokens per game
🔸 Location: General chat on Discord or Telegram Community (random)
🔸 How to play:

🔹 At random times in each game on any platform, we will choose one word that has a meaning, and it can be any word. The reward will depend on the difficulty level of the word we choose.
🔹 We will give you the opportunity to ask any questions in order to find out what the word is.
🔹 We will answer your question with only 3 words “yes”, “no” and “dont know”.
🔹 The first person to correctly guess the word we chose will be the winner in that game.

🔸 Rules and Conditions

🔹 We reserve the right to reward players in the community with a maximum of 20,000 tokens per user.
🔹 We reserve the right to change the rules at any time if we see any game malfunction or any events that cause controversy.
🔹 The decision of the team is final.

🧩 Supposing we chose the word Forward, what questions would you ask to correctly guess that this was our word?