Wordchain Game

Wordchain Game


May 3, 2023

A word chain game similar to a crossword game is here in a new format called Wordchain, answering words based on the last letter of the previous word, with a prize pool of up to 200,000 FWX credits.

🔸 Campaign: Wordchain Game

🔸 Period: 3-31 May 2023

🔸 Total Reward: 200,000 FWX credits

🔸 Venue: Discord and Telegram

🔸 How to Play

  • In each round, the team randomly selects a time and platform to play (General Chat on Discord and Forward Community on Telegram.) and assigns one word corresponding to the category or number of letters that the next player must answer.
  • The next word that players have to answer will start with the last letter of the previous word.
  • If the answer to the previous word has already been given, players will not be able to reply again, and must answer with a word that starts with the last letter of the previous answer, making a chain one after the other.
  • In each round, the team will set different conditions. Players receiving awards will be those who answer by category, the required number of characters, and the first player to use the initial letter from the last word of the previous player.
  • In each round, the team will set different conditions, such as the first 10 people to answer in a row and answer each other in the category of animals as well as each word containing 5 letters.
  • We will notify you if you win that game and you must submit BNB smart chain wallet by replying to said message within 10 minutes or it will be forfeited.

🔸 Example

  • Q: Answer with a word that belongs to the animal category. The first word of this round is “CAT”.
  • Winner: The first 10 people to answer in a row
  • A: Tiger
    B: Raccoon
    C: Rabbit
    D: Narwhale
    So, Players A, B and D win, while C has to wait for the next answer.

🔸 Rules and Conditions

  • We reserve the right for 1 user for 1 answer per round.
  • We reserve the right to reward players in the community with a maximum of 20,000 FWX credits per user.
  • After finishing the event, your rewards will be saved for further token distribution.
  • We reserve the right to change the rules at any time if we see any game malfunction or any event that causes controversy.
  • The decision of the team is final.

☘️ The previous player sets the direction, and the next player has to answer correctly and quickly.