Trading Challenge

Trading Challenge

Trading Challenge

November 3, 2022

Now that we are close to opening the Future trading system and to help users get more familiar with the UI of our trading system, we have organized a new campaign in a game in such a way that users can actually come and try trading without putting down any real money to trade. Just a simulation of real trading on our new UI, where the top 50 PnL players throughout the campaign, top 5 PnL per order and lucky 50 players will be rewarded with Forward tokens.

🔸 Campaign: Trading Challenge
🔸 Period: Nov 1, 2022 (1PM UTC) — Nov 30, 2022 (1PM UTC)
🔸 Total Reward: 750,000 Forward tokens

How to play

  • Anyone can join the game by connecting their wallet and filling in their information to register the system.
  • No trade costs any money, but trading results are shown to PnL only. To begin with, everyone has PnL = 0.
  • You can trade with 5 pairs — BTC/FUSD, ETH/FUSD, BNB/FUSD, DOGE/FUSD and LUNC/FUSD — with up to 5x leverage, both long and short. The contract size of each pair is fixed as follows:
    – BTC/FUSD contract size = 1 BTC
    – ETH/FUSD contract size = 10 ETH
    – BNB/FUSD contract size = 50 BNB
    – DOGE/FUSD contract size = 250,000 DOGE
    – LUNC/FUSD contract size = 50,000,000 LUNC
  • Players have only two trade options: leverage and position direction (long or short).
  • After closing a position in each order, PnL will be recalculated and updated at the Realized PnL balance. The total PnL will be calculated from the combined PnL of each order.
  • On November 30th (1PM UTC), the system will force close all your positions and will record your Realized PnL as trading results for 1 month, from which the 50 highest PnL positions for the whole month and 50 lucky participants randomly will be rewarded. Special prizes will be given to users with the highest PnL results for 1 order in each pair 1 person, with a total 5 prizes.


  • Alice opened a position Short LUNC at 3x leverage. LUNC’s entry price at the time was $0.0002, meaning that Alice believed LUNC’s price would drop and opened a total contract size of 150,000,000 LUNC at $0.0002 (contract size value $30,000).
  • If LUNC’s price drops to $0.00015 (+25%) and Alice closes the position, she will have a Realized PnL = +$7,500 (+25% of contract size value).
  • If LUNC’s price reaches $0.0003 (-50%) and Alice chooses to close the position, she will have a Realized PnL = -$15,000 (-50% of the contract size value).
  • Remark: If you opened a position with 3x leverage, the percentage of PnL will be shown as the multiplying of leverage (3x). So the above PnL percentages will be +75% and -150% respectively.

Rules and Conditions

  • No trade costs any money and no Trading Fees, you can open and close positions freely.
  • Each pair can only open up to 2 positions, short and long, and only 1 position each.
  • Players will win 1 top PnL Award only, based on the highest percentage of the order. For example, Player 1 has top PnL on BTC order with +10% profit and top PnL on ETH order with +20% profit; Player 1 will win top PnL ETH Award, while top PnL BTC Award will be handed to the Player with second highest percentage of profit.
  • We reserve the right for only 1 device per account. If we find that a player has signed up for more than one account, that player has to be banned.
  • We reserve the right to change the rules at any time if we see any game malfunction or any events that cause controversy.
  • The decision of the team is final.

Reward Distribution

  • Rank 1 = 70,000
  • Rank 2 = 50,000
  • Rank 3 = 40,000
  • Rank 4–10 = 20,000
  • Rank 11–20 = 10,000
  • Rank 21–50 = 5,000
  • Random lucky 50 participants = 2000/participant
  • Top PnL BTC per order = 20,000
  • Top PnL ETH per order = 20,000
  • Top PnL BNB per order = 20,000
  • Top PnL DOGE per order = 20,000
  • Top PnL LUNC per order = 20,000

☘️ Prepare your trading skill and challenge for the reward.

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