Trade to Earn $COQ!

Trade to Earn $COQ!


December 27, 2023

We have organized a trading campaign with a reward of the popular meme token on Avalanche, Coq Inu (COQ). Trade on FWX, accumulate your trading volume, and be one of the top 10 traders on FWX during the campaign period to receive a total reward of 694,200,000 COQ.

🔸 Period: 28 December 2023 (00.00 UTC) – 14 January 2024 (23.59 UTC)

🔸 Total Reward: 694,200,000 COQ

🔸 Venue: FWX

🔸 How to Join

  • You will need to open positions to trade on FWX (any token) to accumulate trading volume within the specified period of the campaign.
  • After the campaign ends, the top 10 participants with the highest total trading volume will each receive 69,420,000 COQ (a total of 694,200,000 COQ).
  • We will continuously update the Leaderboard of the top 10 total trading volume through FWX community (both Twitter and Discord).
  • After the campaign concludes, we will announce the results, and COQ rewards will be distributed to participating wallets within 7 days.
  • We reserve the right to modify the terms and conditions of participation without prior notice.