June 26, 2022

Hi, Forwardians 😇

Get ready for our most popular word guessing game, Forwordle, that we have prepared for all you Forwardians. Just like Wordle, it’s a popular word guessing game for you to play in which you can collect crypto vocabulary by playing together. Game details are as follows.

🔸 Campaign: Forwordle
🔸 Period: 27 June 2022 – 24 July 2022 (Every 12.00 — 14.00 UTC)
🔸 Total Reward: 500,000 Forward tokens

🔸 How to Play

🔹 Forwordle is a guessing game in which there are 5 letters making up a word with or without meaning related to crypto
🔹 You have 10 chances to guess the correct answer.
🔹 Each answer will have its own color to show whether the letter is correct or not.
🔹 If a letter appears yellow, it means that the letter is contained in the answer, but not in the correct position.
🔹 If a letter is green, it means that the letter is in the answer and in the right position.
🔹 If a letter is gray, it means that the letter is not in the answer.
🔹 If all 5 characters show up as green, the game is over and fastest answer time is used as a score (The less time the better).

🔸 Rules and Conditions

🔹 Forwordle games will be played over 4 weeks to begin with, with prizes given on a daily and weekly basis

🔹 Each week, there will be 7 game days with 1 game per day, starting the first day of the week on Monday at 12.00PM (UTC).

🔹 There’ll be a total of 7 Forwordle games (not yet available). Everyone will get the same word set for that week, but not in the same order.

🔹 On each game day (Monday included), at 1pm the system will give you 1 choice to play in that week’s word set. For any item, you can start playing by yourself and it will immediately set the time for that item (When choosing an item, other items will be fixed throughout the week).

🔹 There will be only 2 hours to start playing each day’s game, from 12.00PM to 2.00PM (UTC). After that, you can’t play the game of that day, but you will be able to continue playing at 12.00 PM (UTC) on the next day.

🔹 Each day, the top 10 with the fastest times will be rewarded, with the 1st-10th getting at 3,500/2500/2000/(1000 Forward tokens, over 7 rankings) respectively.

🔹 Starting Monday, you can choose to play any other word which is included in that week’s set (Any items that have already been played will show that they have been played) and the prizes will be competed for separately on a daily basis.

🔹 For weekly rewards, only the top 10 players who have completed all 7 items (1 set) and have the lowest total time will get a weekly special prize of 4,000/3,000/2,500/ (1,500 Forward tokens, over 7 rankings) respectively.

🔹 The leaderboard will display real-time and will show two sections, daily and weekly.

✨ Prepare your crypto words to challenge for the reward…









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