Forward Celebration Week: 7 Days 7 Activities

Forward Celebration Week: 7 Days 7 Activities


December 22, 2022

The festival everyone has been waiting for has arrived — the Christmas and New Year 2023 festival. On this occasion, we invite everyone to join in the activities to welcome Christmas and New Year at Forward, as we’ve organized a full 7 days, 7 activities, with a chance to win up to 700,000 Forward Tokens, with details as follows:

🔶 Campaign: Forward Celebration Week
🔶 Reward: Up to 700,000 FORW
🔶 Winners: depend on each day
🔶 Date and Time: 25–31 December 2022
🔶 Channel: Twitter, Discord, Telegram
🔶 How to Play:

Our event activities will be held for 7 days, 7 events, according to each platform as follows:

  1. 25 Dec 2022: Magic Colors (Twitter) starts at 11.00 UTC
  2. 26 Dec 2022: Celebration Frame (Twitter) starts at 11.00 UTC
  3. 27 Dec 2022: Find Me (Telegram) starts at 11.00UTC
  4. 28 Dec 2022: Creativity (Telegram) starts at 11.00UTC
  5. 29 Dec 2022: Word Puzzle (Discord) starts at 11.00UTC
  6. 30 Dec 2022: Lucky Gift (Discord) starts at 11.00UTC
  7. 31 Dec 2022: Forward Tour (Twitter) starts at 11.00UTC

Details on how to participate in each event will be announced on that day, so please follow closely!

🔶 Rules and Conditions:

We reserve the right to change the rules at any time if we see any game malfunction or any events that cause controversy and the decision of the team is final.


☘️ Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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