Forward Airdrop Campaign

Forward Airdrop Campaign


February 17, 2022

Hi Forwardians! 👋

We have reached the halfway point of Q1/2022 and our community has reached 1,000 followers already! 🎉🎉

All your contributions and efforts are greatly valued by the Forward community. Moreover, valentine’s day is coming up soon, so we are thrilled to announce that we will have a giveaway: Our first airdrop campaign of up to 5,000,000 Forward tokens!

🎁 This is our valentine’s gift for you guys and thank you for supporting us during these early stages. >>Join here<<

Campaign Period: Feb 14, 2022 (12.00 UTC) — Feb 28, 2022 (12.00 UTC)

How to get your entries?

  • Follow the official Forward account on twitter (1 entry)
  • Retweet Airdrop Campaign on Twitter (1 entry)
  • Join Forward community on Telegram (1 entry)
  • Join our Discord Server (1 entry)
  • Visit and like Facebook page (1 entry)
  • Provide your BEP-20 wallet address (1 entry)
  • Refer friends (1 entry each)

Rewards distribution

1. Everyone will receive an airdrop.

2. Airdrop pool rewards will increase depending on total entries.

Total entries1005,00010,00020,00040,00070,000
Pool rewards50K100K200K400K800K5M

3. Users will be separated into 2 groups: Group 1 (50% pool) and Group 2 (50% pool).

  • Group 1 is all addresses that have joined the campaign.
    50% of the total airdrop pool will be divided equally between them.
  • Group 2 is the top 200 addresses with the most entries. All of them will receive an airdrop as a percentage of their total entries in the group.
  • For example: Total pool reward (Group 1 and 2 together) is 200K tokens.
    Let’s say Group 2 has total 2000 entries and Alice has 100 entries of her own (Top 200 addresses), then Alice will receive (100/2000)*(100K) = 5000 tokens from only Group 2.
  • Users in Group 2 will also be counted as Group 1. (In this case, Alice will be able to get the airdrop from Group 1 also.)

📌Note: The entries score will be reviewed by the Forward team. Decisions regarding rewards by the team is final.