FIFA World Cup 2022 Prediction

FIFA World Cup 2022 Prediction


December 6, 2022

After more than 4 years of waiting, the FIFA World Cup is back in 2022. We would like to invite you to participate in the 2022 World Cup Prediction Event and win up to 500,000 Forward tokens, with details as follows:

🔶 Campaign: FIFA World Cup 2022 Prediction
🔶 Reward: Up to 500,000 FORW
🔶 Winners:
🔶 Dates: 7–18 December 2022
🔶 Channel: Twitter, Discord, Telegram
🔶 How to Play:


We will divide the FIFA World Cup 2022 predictions into 2 parts:

1. Bracket Prediction (7 Dec 2022–9 Dec 2022)

On Dec 7 at 18:00 UTC we will be running our World Cup Predictions starting from the Quarter Final onwards, where you will be able to predict, which team will advance to the Semifinal, Final, Third Place Play-off and Champion of FIFA World Cup 2022, along with the scores in the final match. We will close the Bracket Prediction on Dec 9 at 18:00 UTC.

So, you only have 48 hours to complete this bracket via Forward Discord > FIFA WC Prediction > Bracket Prediction.

2. Match Prediction (9 Dec 2022–18 Dec 2022)

On match days, predictions will be available at least 6 hours prior to the match through each designated channel, on which we will ask specific questions about the competition in that game and to which you must correctly guess the answer of our questions.

We will ask different questions through our social media channels including Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and you can participate in guessing through one of these channels. Alternatively, you can participate in predicting the results on all 3 channels to win more prizes. The details of participating in each channel are as follows.

🔺 Twitter: We will tweet the question, and you can participate in the prediction by retweeting the tweet and reply with your answer and your BNB Smart Chain wallet.

🔺 Discord: You can join our predictions through Category: FIFA WC Prediction. Each day, we will create a sub channel for that day’s match, in which everyone will be able to predict the answer of the questions through this channel by typing the answer along with your BNB Smart Chain wallet.

🔺 Telegram: We’ll ask you a question in the Forward Community where you’ll have to guess the answer our question correctly by typing the answer along with your BNB Smart Chain wallet.

💫 P.S. All Match Prediction channels will be closed at 13.00 UTC every match day.

🔶 Reward Distribution:

1. Bracket Prediction

Anyone who correctly predicts the results of every match will get a prize of 20,000 tokens each and if you correctly predict the winning score of the final match, you will receive an additional bonus of 50 USDT.

💫 P.S. If there are more than 10 people who correctly predict all pairs, we reserve the right to randomly award only 10 winners.

2. Match Prediction

Rewards for each game prediction will depend on the questions asked each day. You can follow through social media channels that will announce the question.

🔶 Condition:

You must answer only once. If you change the answer, you must delete your old answer before giving a new answer. If we discover that an answer has been modified, that answer will not be counted.

☘️☘️ May luck be on your side ☘️☘️

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