Easter Egg Hunt Event!

Easter Egg Hunt Event!


April 13, 2022

🐣 Easter day is almost here! 🐣

We have an Easter egg hunt event!

Each egg will represent a code for a word or number that you can find on our website or any source we provide.

🔸 Reward: 300,000 Forward tokens
🔸 Winner: First come first correct first serve — only 10 winners per day
🔸 Date: 15–17 April 2022
🔸 Channel: Forward Discord

How to join and play:

During the event, 15–17 April 2022, every 12.00PM (UTC):
🔹 We will give you the answer form and a hint on Forward Discord#easter-egg channel to help you find an egg which is a code of a number or word.
🔹 You have only 12 hours to seek the egg for each day and then you need to answer in the form we provide — answer ASAP! — (with the correct answer only).
🔹The first 10 users who give the correct answer each day will get a reward.

Reward distribution:

🔺 Day 1: 50,000 Forward tokens (5,000 tokens/user)
🔺 Day 2: 100,000 Forward tokens (10,000 tokens/user)
🔺 Day 3: 150,000 Forward tokens (15,000 tokens/user)


Do not share your answer with others. ⚠️ ⚠️
If it is only you that provides the right answer, then you will get the entire prize pool reward for that day! (if there are less than 10 winners then the prize pool reward will be shared equally between the winners).

⏳ Please stay tuned and get ready for the hunt…
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