May 15, 2022

Almost 2 weeks after the end of Brainless Games, we’ve gotten really positive responses from followers on Discord and Telegram, and as always, we are thankful for your continued support.

So as not to wait too long, and as a reward for our followers, we are pleased to announce that we will be holding a Category Games for everyone to enjoy via the General-Chat channel on Discord and in the Telegram Chat Community, with the following terms and conditions:

🔸 Campaign Period: Starts now with no end date
🔸 Reward: 3000 Forward tokens per game

🔹 We will randomly play the game via the General-Chat channel on Discord and Telegram Chat (the same as the Brainless Games).
🔹 We will assign 3 words in the same category and each word will have the letters in switched up positions.
🔹 Your job is to rearrange the letters to make all 3 words correct.
🔹 There can be only one winner. The player who arranges all 3 words correctly and does it the fastest will be awarded 3000 Forward tokens.

🔺 For example, let’s say the 3 words given are TCA/ODG/WCO, all of which are in the same category. They need to be reorganized correctly as CAT/DOG/COW, and the fastest player to do so will get 3000 Forward tokens.

🌟 First come and first to be correct will be first served as always!