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Strategic Partnership between FWX x Cascadia

September 8, 2023

FWX and Cascadia, the innovative hybrid layer-1 appchain, are thrilled to announce an exciting strategic partnership that aims to improve contributions to the DeFi and blockchain landscape through collaboration and joint marketing efforts.

Cascadia and FWX share a mutual aspiration of driving positive vibes within the DeFi and blockchain realms. Both entities are committed to leveraging knowledge, expertise and innovative marketing strategies to expand their reach, connect to wider audiences and onboard next millions into web3.

About FWX

FWX stands as a beacon of DeFi innovation, offering users unparalleled opportunities on EVM-based chains. With its revolutionary Automated Position Hedger protocol, users can predict price movements or hedge against market volatility. Anchored by the decentralized derivative exchange (DDEX) and lending and borrowing pool (LBPs), FWX seeks to reimagine how trading and risk management are conducted in the DeFi space.

About Cascadia

Cascadia is a platform built to understand and incentivize positive consumer behavior.  Introducing a new era of blockchain architecture through its hybrid, layer-1 appchain, and focusing on incentive layers for distributed networks, Cascadia addresses a pivotal but often overlooked aspect of blockchain technology. By combining the CometBPFTDPoS consensus algorithm with forward-thinking social and artificial intelligence solutions, Cascadia aims to create a more efficient, secure, and user-centric blockchain ecosystem.