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Strategic Partnership between FWX and Struct Finance

September 20, 2023

We are thrilled to announce our strategic partnership between FWX, which is gearing up for its launch in the coming months after successfully unveiling its testnet two weeks ago, and Struct Finance, the currently popular on-chain DeFi protocol on the Avalanche network. The purpose of this partnership is to boost awareness and assist the community in developing a deeper understanding of both FWX and Struct Finance. The ultimate goal is to enhance the adoption and activity of DeFi within the expansive Avalanche ecosystem.

As dedicated builders of the AVAX family, FWX and Struct Finance are uniting their expertise to propel DeFi adoption, educate users about complex decentralized financial instruments, and empower them with informed decisions for achieving maximum gains.

This partnership heralds the beginning of a deeper collaboration between FWX and Struct Finance in the near future, focusing on diversification and subtly hinting at potential integrations that would provide traders and investors with access to structured financial products that align with their risk-return preferences.

Moreover, this partnership embodies the collaborative and supportive culture that is a hallmark of the Avalanche ecosystem, where projects go beyond individual efforts to build a close-knit, borderless community. It showcases the unity and synergy that make this ecosystem a powerhouse in the sector.

The foundations of this collaboration were laid during the annual Avalanche Summit in Barcelona, where both teams came together, sharing knowledge, expanding networks, building communities, and localizing efforts. Through this partnership, we aim to encourage other projects to collaborate, explore integration opportunities, and engage in cross-community collaborations to strengthen the entire ecosystem, paving the way to a decentralized future and a transformed financial landscape.

Join us as we embark on this exciting journey, with FWX and Struct Finance leading the way in collaborative efforts, charting a path towards a decentralized future brimming with opportunities and growth.

Mr. Chanon Jaratsuttikul, Co-Founder and CEO of FWX said

We extend our official congratulations on the establishment of a strategic alliance between FWX and Struct Finance. This partnership embodies our mutual commitment to fostering a robust DeFi ecosystem through FWX’s cutting-edge protocol and Struct Finance’s tailored solutions designed to enhance returns.

Mr. Ersin Dalkali, Co-Founder of Struct Finance said

Meeting the talented and warm team at FWX has been nothing short of inspiring. Our mutual exchanges and effortless collaboration thus far speak volumes about our aligned visions for a decentralized future. This strategic friendship partnership stands as a testament to our synergy, and we are eager to further amplify our efforts in liquidity provisioning and fostering greater trading activity. Together, we anticipate navigating uncharted territories, bringing deeper liquidity and sparking heightened activity within the ecosystem.

About FWX

FWX is a Decentralized Derivatives Platform, slated to revolutionize trading through its EVM-based chains that allow users to anticipate price directions or hedge against price fluctuations using an advanced protocol named the Automated Position Hedger. FWX is also proud to offer two main services: a decentralized derivative exchange (DDEX) and lending and borrowing pools (LBPs), aiming to establish itself as the preeminent decentralized derivative platform offering derivatives on a plethora of underlying assets.

About Struct Finance

Struct Finance is a notable DeFi platform that offers tailored structured financial products catering to the distinct risk-return profiles of retail and institutional investors. Our innovative Tranching mechanism, the first in a planned series of product offerings, facilitates diversified investment opportunities across a broad spectrum of markets through interest rate vaults.