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Strategic Partnership between FWX and Soully

September 15, 2023

We’re thrilled to share that FWX and Soully have entered into a strategic partnership. This partnership is aimed to create a strong network of builders across the industry to establish relationships that synergy in onboarding more users to Web3 and DeFi. 

Soully has built its own data infrastructure that aggregates both off-chain and on-chain data to offer efficient and flexible solutions for builders and businesses to access data. 

Mr. Chanon Jaratsuttikul, Co-Founder and CEO of FWX said

We are happy to join forces with Soully in our web3 and DeFi journey to collaborate in onboarding the next millions of users into web3 through both of our strengths. FWX on the side where we provide easy and simple to access gateway to DeFi while Soully provide intuitive ways for builders to utilize consumer data on the blockchain space

Ms. Julia Chen, Co-Founder and CEO of Soully said 

I am thrilled to announce our partnership with FWX, the Uniswap of futures trading. This collaboration between Soully and FWX is poised to redefine the boundaries of Web3 innovation. FWX’s proven expertise in DeFi, combined with Soully’s creative approach, will yield groundbreaking solutions and empower users.

Together, we are committed to shaping a more inclusive and decentralized digital future. Stay tuned for exciting initiatives that will set a new standard for blockchain innovation. This partnership reflects our shared dedication to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the Web3 ecosystem.

About FWX

FWX is a Decentralized Derivatives Platform, built on EVM based chains, that allows users to anticipate price direction or hedge their risk against price fluctuation using an advanced protocol named the Automated Position Hedger. FWX also offers two main services: a decentralized derivative exchange (DDEX) and lending and borrowing pool (LBPs). FWX aims to be the leading decentralized derivative platform which offers derivatives on a variety of underlying assets and revolutionizes the way people are trading.

About Soully Protocol

Soully Protocol revolutionizes data collaboration in the Web3 era, allowing everyone to control and unlock the true value of their data. With a decentralized framework, it ensures secure and transparent data exchange, fostering innovation and enabling user-centric solutions. By incentivizing data sharing and embracing fair economic models, Soully Protocol creates an equitable and inclusive data ecosystem where participants can maximize the potential of their data for personal and collective benefit.