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Introducing FWX Wallet: A New Gateway for DeFi Trading

September 29, 2023

In the FWX testnet environment, we’re thrilled to introduce another gateway known as the “FWX Wallet.” This innovative wallet acts as a user-friendly bridge, seamlessly connecting ecosystems, storing assets, and facilitating easy interaction with FWX DeFi protocols. Much like a modern mobile banking app, the FWX Wallet is designed for effortless daily use, providing you with a sneak peek into the future of decentralized finance.

Explore FWX Wallet Testnet

Key Features of FWX Wallet:

  • Non-Custodial Security: Your crypto, your control! FWX WALLET ensures that you have full ownership and control of your digital assets. Your private keys are securely stored on your device, giving you peace of mind.
  • DeFi Integration: FWX WALLET is your gateway to the world of decentralized finance. Easily access, manage, and trade your DeFi assets within the wallet, thanks to our user-friendly interface.
  • Comfy App: Our user-centric design interface mobile banking app provides a comfortable and intuitive experience for managing your crypto assets. It’s perfect for seamlessly integrating crypto into your daily life.
  • Payment QR Scanning: Easily receive and pay with cryptocurrencies using our QR scanning feature. Say goodbye to complicated addresses and hello to a simpler and more convenient payment method.
  • Visualized Data: We understand that crypto can be complex. That’s why FWX WALLET visualizes your data into a user-level portfolio, making it easier than ever to understand and manage your investments.
  • Mobile and Desktop: Whether you prefer managing your crypto on the go or at your desk, FWX WALLET has you covered with user-friendly mobile and desktop versions.

Your involvement in the testing phase is invaluable as we aim to create the best crypto wallet and DeFi experience with FWX Wallet. Your feedback is crucial for our platform’s success. If you encounter any issues or have ideas, please share them through this Google form.

Your insights will directly enhance our platform, helping shape the future of finance through FWX testnet.

Stay tuned for updates, bug reports, and enhancements during this testing period. Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey!


About FWX 

FWX is a decentralized derivatives platform, built on EVM based chains, that allows users to anticipate price direction or hedge their risk against price fluctuation using an advanced protocol named the Automated Position Hedger. FWX also offers two main services: a decentralized derivative exchange (DDEX) and lending and borrowing pool (LBPs). FWX aims to be the leading decentralized derivative platform which offers derivatives on a variety of underlying assets and revolutionizes the way people are trading.