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Rallying for the FWX Testnet release on Avalanche

August 24, 2023

Dear @AVAX Community­čö║,

FWX is a derivatives trading version of Uniswap. Our unique AMM mechanism utilizes funds in the liquidity pools to facilitate futures trading. On our platform, akin to Uniswap, users can list any tokens simply by providing liquidity, but for futures trading. Notably, different from both Uniswap and GMX, our liquidity providers are not obligated to provide liquidity in pairs and are not exposed to impermanent loss or other types of losses. In addition, FWX has several supporting features essential for trading including take profit, stop loss, and conditional orders and is 100% decentralized. To onboard users unfamiliar with the DeFi ecosystem, we have our own wallet integrated with our distinct features, and are in the process of pioneering on-chain no-gas-fee futures trading.

We have raised 5mUSD during our seed round, led by two of the biggest commercial banks in Thailand. Other investors include Blizzard Fund, a venture capital fund managed by AVA labs, Genesis Block Ventures, Kyber Ventures, Varys Capital, and more.

Currently, we are gearing up for the release of our testnet. To fully harness its capabilities, such as updating spot prices, managing liquidity, and facilitating substantial trading sizes, we require a significant volume of Testnet $AVAX. Thus, we humbly solicit donations of Testnet $AVAX via Avalanche Fuji to the address:


Join the next snowstorm with FWX.

Best regards,
FWX Team