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FWX Product Update #2: Introducing Referral Program 

February 27, 2024

We’ve always believed in the power of community and the importance of giving back. That’s why we’re absolutely thrilled to unveil our latest product update designed exclusively for you: the FWX Referral Program, aimed to boost referrals, increase volume, maximize earnings, and foster a stronger team dynamic, while also providing you with even more opportunities to thrive – in the world of trading.

Here’s what you need to know about our Referral Program:

  • Refer Friends, Boost Volume: Share the joy of trading with your friends and family. By referring them to FWX, you not only enrich their trading experience but also increase your volume, paving the way for more significant rewards.
  • Trade and Accumulate Volume: Every trade on FWX contributes to your volume accumulation. The more you trade, the greater your potential rewards become.
  • Utilize NFT Cards for Referral Codes: Each referral code is tied to a unique NFT card. When referring friends, ensure you use a new NFT card for every code. This ensures a seamless 1:1 correlation between the code and the NFT card.
  • Find a Successful Referer: Seek out a Referer who can guide you through the process and help you maximize your potential in our Referral Program. A successful host can significantly accelerate your journey towards earning rewards.
  • Future Benefits Await: As you continue to accumulate volume through trading and referrals, exciting benefits and rewards await you in the future. The more active and engaged you are, the more you stand to gain.

How It Works

  • On Referrals page: https://app.fwx.finance/referral
  • After connecting the wallet, the system will display your information, such as Tier System, My Profile, Current Volume, My Volume, Referee’s Volume, and Last Volume, showing your current status. The system will only show this information for those who already have a NFT Membership Card.
  • You can refer your friends in three ways: by sending your Referral ID number, sharing your signup link with them, or sending them a QR code to scan for the application. 
  • After sharing your referral link, which resembles this: https://fwx.finance/referral?code=XXXXX with your friends or across social media platforms, anyone who clicks on it will be directed to the registration page. They’ll then need to input your reference number during the registration process. When that individual successfully completes their application using your reference number, it signifies a successful referral from your end.
  • When you refer friends, make sure to use NFT Cards for their Referral Codes. Each code is linked to a specific NFT card. Be sure to use a different NFT card for each code when referring friends. This guarantees a clear one-to-one connection between the code and the NFT card.
  • Your tier level will increase upon creation. Network creation and trading volume play crucial roles in this process. The more trading volume you and your network generate, the more points you’ll accumulate toward your tier.

Referral Tiers

FWX’s referral system is designed to incentivize both individuals who refer others and those who participate, offering substantial advantages for all parties involved when they join forces through the program.

Referral Tier

On the referral page, you’ll find details of your Current Volume. Current Volume represents the net total of your current volume, determined by combining your trading volume in the current round, the volume attributed to you by your referees in the current round, and any bonus volume received from the previous round.

  • My Volume is derived solely from your Trading Volume creation and is not shared with anyone.
  • Referee’s Volume is calculated as 10% of the actual Referee’s Volume of the current round.
  • Last Volume is calculated as 50% of the sum of Your Volume and Referee’s Volume from the last round.

Example of calculating Current Volume

Round 1: My Volume = 1,000 | Actual Referee’s Volume = 500
Round 2: My Volume = 2,000 | Actual Referee’s Volume = 0
Round 3: My Volume = 3,000 | Actual Referee’s Volume = 1,000

My Volume1,0002,0003,000
Referee’s Volume(500 * 10%) = 50(0 * 10%) = 0(1,000 * 10%) = 100
Last Volume0(R1 My Volume
+ R1 Referee’s Volume) * 50% = 525
(R2 My Volume
+ R2 Referee’s Volume) * 50% = 1,000
Current Volume1,0502,5254,100

Tiers are based on your Current Volume. FWX has the following tier structure:

Tier 1
Tier 250,000 USD
Tier 3250,000 USD
Tier 45,000,000 USD
Tier 5100,000,000 USD

P.S. The time period for the event to end and the rewards will be announced in the future.

P.S.2 For the first round of this program, it will be counted as a special round (Round 0) and won’t be included in the calculation in the normal round.