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FWX Product Update #1: Frontend Update and FWX DEX

February 27, 2024

FWX is connected to the best DEXs on Avalanche Trader Joe and Pangolin for its hedging operation. To improve user experiences when trading, we have included an UI update to show trade routing and fees included in each DEXs.

Introducing FWX DEX: An Internal No Price Impact DEX

FWX DEX is an internal DEX developed by the FWX team to allow no price impact trading on selected tokens on FWX (shown on the UI if available) – Trading fee on FWX DEX is 0.1%

P.S. DEX routing depends on DEX liquidity and contract size.


Clarifying Trading Fees

Default FWX Fee is 0.03%. Users will pay DEX Fee + FWX Fee;

For example, a $COQ trade on Trader Joe will result in user paying 0.33% per transaction which is awesome considering you have leverage and it’s only 0.03% on top!