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Forward Announces Exclusive Partnership with Warden

February 20, 2022

Forward is proud to announce an exclusive partnership with Warden — a best-rate swap and NFT platform.

“We are aiming to build a blockchain ecosystem prioritizing users’ benefits.”

Imagine Warden x Forward, MetawardenNFT holders will also enjoy any future premiums and benefits.

About Warden

WardenSwap is a one-stop gateway to all decentralized exchanges. You will get a much better price in an atomic on-chain transaction with AMM, split trading, and a deep routing system (automated arbitrage) by leveraging AI power in every swap

MetaWarden NFT operates alongside WardenSwap’s primary product, best price perpetual swap, by combining the beauty of art with the best and most important part of deep tech. This is aimed to boost the circular economy alongside WardenSwap’s core product.